Quality Transcription Services

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Edge Transcription services

Quality: We use a triple-pass accuracy system, where each transcript is typed out by a professional Transcriber who then proofreads the transcript before sending it to a Quality Analyst for a final quality check. The supervisor then listens to the audio from start to finish, making sure that there are no errors or omissions. This system is what makes our product so exceptional.

Great Value: Our rates are most competitive! Affordable Transcription Services, combined with unrivaled dependability, make for excellent value that you won't find elsewhere. Contact us for a quote.

According to our clients, every transcription project has been a great client experience. We are easy to work with. 

Edge Data Entry Services

Our team of professional data entry agents accurately and afford-ably: 

i) Enter data into a computerized database or spreadsheet.

ii) Convert and format documents into the desired format and style.

iii) Validate and verify data

iv) Undertake Internet Research

At Edge Technologies, we emphasize on the accuracy of our product and realize that every manual keystroke is a potential error. We have devised in-house innovative quality assurance mechanisms to cross check and ascertain typed work to assure the greatest accuracy.

Whatever your data entry, document conversion and data processing needs, we guarantee super accurate work at great value.